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Hellooo I am Dani o(^-^)o
I'm 17 years old and from a small town in the North West of England~
I like to read books, watch anime, play video games, talk to my kitty Luna and listen to music~ c':

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Blue Tiny Hand

Hands Like Houses by Gleann Ignacio on Flickr.

I apologise in advance but i’m going on a massive unfollowing spree for two reasons; 
People post too many naked pictures so I find it awkward to go on tumblr in public, and relating to my next point, a lot of blogs I follow I don’t ever reblog from so it’s pointless in me following. 
Sorry if I unfollow you, don’t take it personally. 


(by ideaprison)

Photography by me.

Okay can we just please listen for a second. I am sick of people claiming to have social anxiety when in reality they’re just fucking shy, there’s a huge difference okay. Social anxiety isn’t just not being able to talk to someone new, it’s completely avoiding any situation that will put you in a place with lots of people you don’t know. It’s completely avoiding answering the phone, the door, any huge social gatherings, suffering from panic attacks, going out in public and having a huge fear for most social interactions. So the next time you claim to have this disorder, fucking think, because not talking to someone on facebook for the first time isn’t social anxiety, you’re just fucking shy.  


untitled on Flickr.

Is it just me who finds it kinda depressing seeing actresses who started off ‘large’ lose weight over the seasons to become skinny in the new ones?